Findwise Labs

Findwise Labs

The playground for new ideas in search and big data.
A simple and uncluttered website where Findwise Labs attracts cooperation and showcases the latest from the lab.

This website offers the latest in search and big data. A clear and easy to use website where Findwise presents experiments and collaborations with other organizations.

The target audience is academics and companies interested in developing new ideas in search and big data. Throughout the process, we have helped Findwise with text, design and brand.

Selected parts of the project

  • Easy navigation among the projects in the lab
  • Responsive Design
  • Smart administration for managing content

About Findwise Labs

Findwise Labs is the playground where ideas about search and big data is transformed into reality. At the lab Findwise work with like-minded people from the industry and academia. The focus is to have fun, test new ideas and share experience and knowledge.


How did we help Findwise Labs?

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