Quality assure the content on your web. Automatically.
Burnout is the service that goes through your websites, diagnosing content and proposes solutions.

Automated quality assurance

It's easy to loose control of your web content. You who manage a large or complex web presence with many editors know what it's about. Information should be accurate and in line with the company's brand. All editors should have the same linguistic style. Some words are banned. Old material should be removed. The list goes on.

With the service Burnout you have the for these problems.

Find the hidden problems

Burnout can find your broken links to both external and internal pages, documents and images. Not only that, Burnout tells off course where the errors are, so that they can be repaired.

Inventory of your content

Burnout gives a complete overview of your web content - pages, documents, e-mail addresses, pictures, links and more. The editor can see and repair problems before they are discovered by users or search engines.

Easy, safe and new

Burnout är en automatiserad webbtjänst i molnet, helt oberoende av ditt CMS. Du behöver inte installera någon mjukvara utan arbetar i ett enkelt och trevligt webbgränssnitt.

How Burnout works

Burnout is built up in two parts. One part web application built in Meteor that faces users expectations of a quick and easy interface. And one part search engine that systematically searches through your website for problems and possibilities for improvement.

Thoughts about Burnout

Authored March 24 2015
by Tim Brandin
This years first Meteor Meetup in Gothenburg -18 people showed up, more than expected and more than registered in beforehand on meetup.com – which is a first! So I can tell you that it was really successful already the beginning.

Text, behavior and form for the web.

Text and publishing

Focus on content.

Color and shape

Modern, accessible and flexible.


Content for the web - learn the right way.

Responsive design

Website for PC, tablet and mobile.


Quality assure the content on your web. Automatically.

Content management

Updating and editing.