Color and shape

Modern, accessible and flexible.
Design is about more than beautiful or ugly. Color, shape and behavior shall guide both business and user goals, go in line with your brand and be consistent across all channels.

The visitor should recognize where he is. Through typography, images and other graphic material, the user should be able to determine what type of business you have. The design should be safe and serious, joyful and creative, or maybe luxurious and elegant?

We will help you with both the way of thought and design.


Your design must be consistent. This applies to the overall behavior and form, but also all details such as margins, fonts, colors, buttons, forms, and icons. The user is lazy and does not want to get unpleasant design surprises when they navigate your site.

Alignment, margins and white space

On a website, one rarely read all text from start to finish. Instead, one randomly scans the web page until you find something you start reading. Designing for the web is all about splitting the content into sections with clear boundaries. And with generous margins you make the website accessible and easy to use.


Elements that are placed close together are perceived as a group, one gets a sense that they belong together. When designing for the web, elements that belong are visually grouped together so that they are clearly separated from the rest of the content.

Seems simple? If not, we can help.
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Color and shape

Modern, accessible and flexible.


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