Responsive design

Website for PC, tablet and mobile.
Responsive design means that the layout changes with screen size and resolution. You get a neat and legible site regardless of channel.

Today a responsive website is almost obvious. 6 million Swedes own a smartphone and 90% of those surfing daily on the web. Choosing a responsive website makes your content available to more users on more occasions - on the train, in your living room or on the beach.

Many benefits

  • The site will be more readable and easier to use
  • Your content is accessible to anyone with a smartphone or tablet
  • The site works on both small screens and large desktop
  • The visitor will not avoid having to zoom and scroll sideways
  • You do not need a separate mobile versions from your regular site
  • A tool for all administration - saving you time and money

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Responsive design

Website for PC, tablet and mobile.


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