Effect mapping

Why, who, how and what?
An effect mapp ensures your doing the right things for the right people. Before the project, you should consider the why, who, how and what?


Your investments should yield in the desired effects and business benefits. The issue of why is therefore the most central part in effect mapping. It's about the goals, why should anything be done at all? It may sound like common sense, but business goals are often unknown or unclear. With specific goals it will be easier to make decisions during the project.

Example: 50% more sold bus tickets.

Target group(s)

Once you know what the goal is, you should consider who is affecting the goals. Who is your customer? Who is affected (positively and negatively) of your product or service? Who hinders or helps you achieve your goals?

Example: Seniors with tablet or existing customers in the online store.


How should your target groups' behavior change in order to achieve your goals? How will they help you and how can they stop you? These behaviors represents the effects you want to achieve or avoid.

Example: Buy tickets online instead of by phone.


The last question is about what shall be delivered in the project. It's not about listing detailed requirements, but about general deliverables which you can easily follow the reasoning from goals to delivery.

Example: Mobile online store or travel booking online.

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Effect mapping

Why, who, how and what?

Web analysis

Customers behavior in your digital world.


A principal idea.

Domain strategy

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