How to create a profitable online store.
It's easy to build an online shop. Making it profitable is difficult. Start with the product, market and target audience.

The product, market and target audience

The relationship between the store and the customer is simple - customers are invited to the store that tries to meet customers needs. The problem is that customers are free to shop anywhere and recurrent paying customers is critical for you.

If you want to succeed in e-commerce, you have to understand your market, delivering the right product and present it as the target audience wants it. If you are considering content, it is helpful to review the following:

External communication

Customers will have to find your store. Old-fashioned advertising might work nicely, social media is another channel, mailing a third. Maybe you have contacts already in conversation with your audience?

The key is to polish the message and select the channel that best reaches your customers. Where are they and what do they need? Do not forget to track your efforts, it will help you decide for your next campaign.

Welcome to find

Once in your store, customers should feel welcome and safe. It should be clear that purchases can be made without any security risks.

It's also important that your customer find what they're looking for. Good design with an easy navigation is a must. Clear messages and a few clicks is what applies. Remember that for every click you design away, you can double your conversion.


When it comes to presentation of your products it makes sense to invest in good picture material, it is actually one of your best selling tool. Keep any texts short and pithy. If the product has a fixed price, show it. Customer wants to know the deal.

Alternatives, campaign and discount

Once customers are looking for products you can take the opportunity to suggest alternative products, tell about campaigns or perhaps offer discounts. To link different products relation can lead to more sales – that nice.


Do not forget that in both text, color and shape convince trust in the brand. The customer should feel at home, identify with the brand and want more. That's no problem if you know your target market right?

Technology and reasonableness

Set goals for your online store but remember that there is a lot of work involved. Be reasonable.

On the technology front, there are several tools to use, such as Drupal, Meteor and SiteVision. Please check out our general tips about websites, most of it also applies to e-commerce.

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