Focus on people and content provides the most value
Many often complain about their intranet. Can it even be successful, one might wonder? Yes, with thorough preparation, the right platform and updated content.

Purpose and Objective

As in any project, you should first know why something should be done and what should be changed when it's done. Define concrete operational and business goals to base decisions on. This makes the goals easier to determine whether the project has been successful or not.

An effect map gives you a good foundation and guide for a successful project.

Involve users

Involve users from the beginning. Users have different expectations, knowledge and needs which usually differs from management and executives. Before you design and build your solution, you need to know who you are designing for and what the needs should be are prioritized.

Content up to date

The intranet is an important channel for internal communication, and with the right content it will be a support in daily work. To make an intranet become an asset rather than a hindrance, information must be updated, relevant and easy to find.

Writing for the web and intranet is not so easy. Let the editors learn the right way of thinking.

Integration and Platform

You probably have the information stored in multiple systems at work. Information that you want to present on the intranet. The user should be able to find all relevant information in one place (great!). But first systems need to be integrated into the intranet. This can take a lot of time.

Use an integration platform that brings together content from the current systems and then connected to the intranet. It's fast and information can be reused in eg your external website. If you're using a platform based on enterprise search technology, you will get good search in the bargain.


To find information quickly is important. Despite this, users are generally dissatisfied with the search on their intranet. Correctly implemented, however, the search function provides tremendous support in this work. It presents relevant information quickly from any system, capable of misspellings and alternate word forms.

Most intranet platforms have a built-in search feature, but unfortunately these tend to be substandard. Above all, they can seldom find information outside the intranet. Consider, therefore, to invest in a separate search platform that meets the needs of the user. Such a platform also works great as an integration platform. Two birds with one stone!

Think Mobile

Today, many people work outside the office and the intranet must be adapted for mobile. Responsive Design and to be able to find, edit and create basic content is necessary. Think about this from the beginning. It will be expensive to build a mobile version afterwards.


The intranet is not a project, it is a process. Make sure there is a plan for the maintenance and continued work, measure and tracking of targets. Catch new needs for new features. And above all, make sure the information is up to date and relevant.

As the intranet grows it may become difficult to keep track of content. Then it is easy and convenient with automated quality control. With the service Burnout you don't have to waste time manually checking broken links, old material and bad language.

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Focus on people and content provides the most value


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