A faster way to build apps
The tool for you who need apps for both web and mobile. With Meteor it's fast. Really fast.

Building apps with Meteor

With Meteor you avoid many common pitfalls you otherwise probably would have tripped on. It saves you both time and effort. Because in just a few days or hours, you can put together a working application that otherwise would have taken weeks or months to construct.

Powerful and flexible

With Meteor you can easily find new areas of use. The tool is very flexible and it allows for development of apps for both Android, iOS and the Web simultaneously.
If you want more out of Meteor, it's easy to extend with your own functionality or use new modules from a sea of ​​add-on packages in the Meteor community on Atmosphere.

Simple and reactive

Designers and Interface Developers love Meteor, because it's simple to get your head around and it builds on many familiar technologies from the web. Many has also got hooked on the reactivity which is all about quick and uncomplicated updates of the screen when something changes in the database on the server.

App Store and Google Play

Add iOS as a platform and whoop your app is ready to be submitted to App Store. Same goes for Android and Google Play. But do spend some time on fine-tuning the interface with good usability now when have time left in your budget – it makes your service stand out from your competitors.

Are you not an expert on Meteor? We're the only Swedish web agency that can help you build your service/app in Meteor!
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Thoughts about Meteor

Authored March 24 2015
by Tim Brandin
This years first Meteor Meetup in Gothenburg -18 people showed up, more than expected and more than registered in beforehand on – which is a first! So I can tell you that it was really successful already the beginning.
Authored October 31 2014
by Tim Brandin
On the 26th of april we arranged our first Meteor Meetup for those who share our interest in the praised framework.

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A faster way to build apps


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