How to succeed with your website.
Capture the visitor's interest - you have a maximum of 8 seconds.

The elevator pitch

Boil down your message into a classic elevator pitch and put it in a headline or two. If you succeed to capture a customer's needs, expectations and desires – you are on track.


Show what's most important first. Your visitors will get the point without being forced to read oceans of text. Remember that visitors have goals and are probably not looking for news about your company or purposelessly navigating to pages such as "about us". Think more about what your visitors want to do and get to know?

Keep it simple (and super easy)

Many are talking about usability and they are rightfully doing so. Make sure your visitors understand where to click and what happens when they click. Think through menus and navigation and ensure your visitors understands where he or she is in your navigation. Design an invisible behavior for your site. If the visitors barely need to read or think – you've succeeded.

Stick out

The use of ready-made templates will not work for those who want to stand out. Do not lose the deal and be in the crowd – create a website that is both attractive, faster and easier to use than your competition.

Screen Sizes

If your site should work on both mobile, tablet and desktop its time to think about responsive design. With a responsive design the site adapts to different screen sizes so that visitors can read the content without having to zoom, scroll sideways and fuzz.

Make Google your friend

Make friends with Google so that others can find your site. Unique titles and good meta descriptions, is an important first step for search engine optimization but there is many more things to consider:

  • Make sure the site can be read by robots
  • Use video and pictures - and add ALT attributes to describe its content
  • Create a sitemap.xml for both search engine optimization and manual relevance adjustments
  • Take care of your content and clean up broken links


It's a must that one can quickly load your site, and the previous rule of thumb of 7 seconds, is no longer actual. Today, visitors expect load times under the second, just like any mobile application.

Use the right technology

There are several technical options for building a website today and many make a great choice with an easy to use content management system (CMS) like Drupal or WordPress. Though, be careful and think about who will administer your site and how much you want to do yourself before making your choice.

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How to succeed with your website.

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